A New Kind of Sales and Marketing Rep Firm

KMA understands that markets and technologies change. We have evolved the traditional rep model to meet our customers and Principals new needs with the latest information technology while keeping the local, personal focus we have always had.

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Who we are

KMA is a manufacturers’ representative in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin territory. We focus on selling and marketing electronic and mechanical components to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), design consultants, and contract manufacturers. We have been in business since 1981 and have successfully promoted a new generation of ownership from within.


A new way of representing for a new world

The manufacturers we represent and our customers communicate information radically differently today than they did even 10 years ago. KMA understands this. We have developed the tools and infrastructure to add value to the process using the latest information technologies and years of local experience and contacts. Contact us to learn more about how we are different.


A Talented Staff Ready to Meet Your Needs

A rich diversity of professionals with phenomenal experience will be at your disposal. And you’ll notice a common thread among them—a solid technology background and a strong commitment to service.

Why Use A Rep?

Top five ways we help customers, manufacturers, and distribution partners:
  1. Relationship / Trust - Since we focus on a local market and only a few manufacturers, our relationships tend to be very long lived. This creates a level of trust over time that cannot be achieved by a transient sales force with typically high turn over.

  2. Access - Whether you are a manufacturer trying to identify key users of a new technology, a design engineer looking for an in depth technical answer, or a purchasing manager in need of parts in a hurry, we can help. With almost 30 years of experience and connections to our customers and manufacturers we understand what information is important to you and who to ask to get it. Asking the right people the right questions saves everyone time and improves the process.

  3. Low cost of sales - Manufacturers' representatives spread their costs of operations over multiple manufacturers. Since we are paid commission on sales, we represent a variable cost versus a fixed cost. The result for manufacturers is a greatly reduced cost of sales over a direct sales force and a reduced burden when times are tough. This savings makes for lower costs of goods sold which in turn means lower prices for our customers.

  4. Information you can use- Every member of KMA interacts directly with the customer, the market, and the manufacturers. We are constantly on the look-out for overall market, application, technology, and product trends. Our deep knowledge base and focus allow us to communicate in a timely manner trends and information that are important to specific individuals and companies. Our technical backgrounds and product experience provide a local resource as well.

  5. Synergy / Advocacy- The majority of our customers and manufacturers are small to midsize companies. Sometimes these entities find it difficult to get the attention and appropriate share of resource allocation from the larger partners they are trying to engage. We at KMA act as your Advocates at these larger organizations and leverage our combined synergy and exposure to them to get your company the attention it deserves.


There is no such thing as a free lunch

Business to business technical sales is not about 'convincing' an engineer to use our products. You, the engineer, know what is a good technical fit for your needs. However, keeping up with the latest products on the market or the subtle differences in different companies' offerings is not easy. That is why we believe that there is an advantage to our manufacturers in providing engineers with the best and most complete information available about our products and their uses. When we offer to bring in pizza or sandwiches and provide technical presentations about products from our manufacturers, we are trying to make it as easy as possible for you to learn about our products. Our manufacturers get your mind-share for about an hour. You get to learn more about their products and specifically how their products apply to your application. And yes, we both also get a lunch out of it. It's a win-win for all involved.

So please don't be shy or think that any kind of obligation will be created. It's just good business, good training, and good food. Call us at (414) 259-1771 to arrange a lunch and learn for you and/or your fellow engineers or send us an email. We'll call you to discuss the kinds of products and applications we should focus on and arrange a date.

Email us about a lunch and learn.


Talk to the factory engineer in person

Engineers from our manufacturers visit our territory on a regular basis. We try to keep our customers in mind and arrange engineering visits during their trips so that you can have personal access to them and ask the detailed questions only the factory engineers can answer about products and applications. Their schedules get full fast but if you let us know of an interest in a specific manufacturer or product line we will be sure to notify you of their upcoming visits. This is especially useful when you are starting a new design since these engineers often have specific applications experience as well as access to the latest technologies. Email us to schedule a visit.