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    Defense and Aerospace Data Bus & Data Networking Interfaces and Bridges � MIL1553 ARINC429 etc. � Synchro & Resolver Conversion Products � Motor Drives/Power Controls � Solid State Power Controllers � Custom IFE Power Supplies � Magnetics/Transformers
    Industrial Products: Power Controls � Discrete-to-Digital Interfaces � Lighting Controls � Avionics Products: ARINC 429 � ARINC Drivers/Receivers/Transceivers � ASICS/Custom ICs
    Resistive, and Signal Distribution Components: Terminations, Couplers, Resistors, Thermal Pads, etc.
    Standard & Custom Electrical Enclosures: CUL Listed indoor & outdoor rated cabinets, Internal panels & mounting brackets, Ventilation louvers provided as standard
    EMI shielding and absorbing materials
    Displays: Standard and Wide Format TFT-LCD Displays for industrial, medical, and commercial applications.
    Power Quality Products: Harmonic Filters � Line/Load Reactors � RFI/EMI Filters � Motor Protection Filters
RF Labs
    RF and Microwave Cable Assemblies � Test, Manufacturing, Rigid, Flexible, Rugged, Space, etc.
    Time and Frequency Systems: Distribution Systems, GPS Antennas, GPS Clocks, Network Time Protocol (NTP) Servers, Tactical Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Time and Frequency Systems, Time Code Processors

    Integrated Microwave Assemblies: Comb Generators, Frequency Multipliers, Radar Altimeters, Synthesizers, Up/Down Frequency Converters

    High Performance Ferrite Components: Ferrite Isolator and Circulator
    Power Supplies, Modules, and Components � AC/DC �DC/DC �Power Path Management � MIL COTS � Custom
    Micros: General-purpose, flexible, multi-core micro-processors programmed using an embedded software flow that bringing together the flexibility of FPGAs and ease of design of processors. AVB, USB Audio, Motion Control, etc.
    Complete Voice Interface/Control Solution