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Manufacturers in the News

Smiths Interconnect: Lab-Flex® T offers superior phase performance

Oct 22 2018  Smiths Interconnect announces today the release of its Lab-Flex® T Series of flexible coaxial cable assemblies. The T cable assemblies are mechanically robust and specifically designed to minimize phase change when subjected to a wide range of operational temperatures.

This makes them an ideal choice for system applications under extreme temperature and environmental conditions such as Radar, Test & Measurement, and Space applications.


MACOM’s New SPDT Non-Reflective RF Switch Affirms Technology Superiority for Broadband Performance and High-Speed Switching


Lowell, Massachusetts, September 25, 2018 – MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. (“MACOM”), a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, has again extended its unrivaled RF switch technology leadership with the announcement of its new MASW-011102 SPDT non-reflective switch. Building on the established performance hallmarks of MACOM’s GaAs-based SPDT MASW Series switches, the new MASW-011102 is optimized for use in applications spanning test and measurement, EW and broadband communication systems.



Smiths Interconnect: New Wideband Surface Mount Fixed Attenuators


Sep 20 2018 – Smiths Interconnect announced today the release of its TT9 SMT series, a new DC – 20 GHz wideband surface mount fixed attenuator series optimized to provide performance and power to applications in the defense market.


Utilizing more than 40 years of experience in refining attenuation solutions for theTT9 Attenuator defense, the TT9 offers a power handling capability of 500 mW while maintaining excellent impedance matching in an SMT package. The TT9 offers outstanding performance for high frequency applications, both fixed and temperature variable designs in the same footprint and is ideal for the exacting needs of the defence market, specifically for radar, communication and electronic warfare applications.



MtronPTI: XO517X Extended Temperature OCXO

July 11, 2018 – MtronPTI is introducing a High Temperature and High Stability OCXO XO517X series as a timing reference for extreme environment applications. XO517X series offers exceptional temperature stability of less than +/-1.0ppb, over an operating temperature of -40°C to +90°C.